Meet Dr David Lilley

Self Help Homeopathy for your Family and an introduction to Soul Healing Depth Homeopathy with archetypal remedies

You will learn:

This Self Help Homeopathy course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of what Homeopathy is and how it works.

  • How to self-medicate homoeopathically for simple, self-limiting conditions experienced in every-day life.

  • How to administer homeopathic first aid.

  • How to recognise the characteristic symptoms and signs which aid in the selection of the required remedy.

  • How to recognise in yourself and your family the need for professional constitutional therapy from your homeopath.

  • How to assist your practitioner in analysing and monitoring your condition.

  • How the creation reveals the inherent healing potential of plants, animals and minerals.

  • How disease evolved within the human race.

  • How the mind is the true cause of all disease.

  • How homeopathic science belongs to quantum physics and hence possesses the ability to heal by stimulating the body’s own curative powers.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview and Information

    2. Homeopathic Remedies Covered

    3. Recommended Reading

    1. The Continuum of Disease.

    2. Homeopathic First Aid Part 1

    3. Homeopathic First Aid Part 2

    4. Homeopathic First Aid Part 3 and Tissue Salts

    1. The Pulsatilla and Silicea Archetypes

    2. Comparison of Calcarea carbonic, Lycopodium and Silicea.

    3. Remedies for Fever Conditions.

    4. Remedies for Gastritis, for the Eyes and for Common Colds and Flu.

    1. Importance of Emotional States.

    2. Natrum Muriaticum, Sepia, Thuja, Ignatia Archetypes.

    3. Behavioural Problems: eg school phobia, school fears, exam nerves and anticipation fears.

    4. Shock remedies and remedies for Depression and Grief

    1. The Doctrine of Signature of Lachesis.

    2. The Reptilian Brain and Limbic System.

    3. Continuation of Aurum.

    4. Pregnancy and Childbirth

About this course

  • $196.00
  • 21 lessons

Who is the course for?

Mother's and Father's wanting to learn a holistic natural approach to healthcare for their family. Nurses and Doctors who want to learn about homeopathy as medical therapeutics. Students of natural healthcare and students of Homeopathy


Dr David Lilley MBChB, FFHom

Fellow of the British Faculty of Homeopathy

Born in Leeds in 1940, David qualified in medicine at Pretoria University, South Africa and became a member of the British Faculty of Homeopathy in 1965 and a Fellow in 1996. He has been in homeopathic practice for 56 years.

David was fortunate to be born into a homeopathic family. His father, William Henry Lilley, was a professional homeopath and a remarkable psychic healer gifted with clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometric sensitivity. David grew up in a home in which the spirit dimension and the material plane were experienced as interpenetrating, interactive and inseparable. The immortality of the soul and its continued existence in a higher and finer dimension after the death of the physical vehicle was not a belief, a hope or a philosophical concept but a realised fact. From this foundation came the understanding that the manifest world though actual, is not Reality, and that we are all souls in transit, ascending, through experience gleaned from many sojourns on the material, relative plane, towards a state of Self-realisation or transcendence in which the soul achieves at onement with the Divinity that is its Essence.

This quest constitutes the hero’s journey, the path of individuation, traversing which, the soul attains wholeness or perfection: a journey fraught with trials that test and season the soul, and most significantly, the advent of the ego-self: the pseudo- or false-self dwelling within every psyche – a counterfeit being, or psychic structure, fashioned by the soul in compensation for the loss to consciousness of its divine heritage: a loss that robs the soul of Basic Trust in the perfection, unity, wisdom and benevolence of a loving, sentient Cosmos. Gaining power and influence through the doubts and fears of the soul, the ego-self assumes control of the psyche and usurps the identity of the soul. Seeing the world through distorted, prejudiced, paranoid ego-vision creates a state of delusion, misconception, or fancy, that constitutes the very core of disease. Regardless of diagnosis, the ego-self is the disease that afflicts the soul, paradoxically, impeding, yet facilitating, its spiritual advancement.

These precepts, imparted by his father’s spirit guide and mentor, Dr Letari, determined David’s approach to healing and were woven into his teaching.

A busy practice, averaging 25 to 30 patients a day, afforded him every opportunity to develop expertise in the practice of clinical homeopathy: an essential skill, demonstrating the efficacy of homeopathy in challenging and critical conditions. However, more important still was the need to allay the emotional anguish that pervades society. This demands healing at the interface between the soul and its perennial enemy, the ego-self; healing in the turbulent divide between the conscious and unconscious minds; healing that integrates the structures of the psyche and releases rejected, repressed, unresolved and unrealised energy from the Shadow; in effect healing the soul of its ego-based sickness: a transformation that expediates the ascent of the soul towards its own radiance.

In 1994, David commenced teaching fellow medical practitioners the art and science of homeopathy and to this end founded the South African Faculty of Homeopathy, acting as dean until 2012. In 1999, he commenced teaching internationally and continues to do so.

His teaching encompasses the structure and dynamics of the psyche; archetypal profiling; Enneagram personality profiling; the archetypology of numbers, colours and forms; chakra science; symbolism; the interpretation of myth and legend; dream analysis; Freudian psychoanalysis; Jungian analytical psychology; all informed by the perennial wisdom of universal spiritual philosophy.

In December 2007, after 41 years of intense practice, David moved to Cape Town, and most recently to Somerset West, where he continues to see a small number of patients, and devotes his time to writing and lecturing. David has written four books: Healing the Soul, Volumes One and Two; The Wolf – A Mythological and Comparative Study; and The Raven – A Flight through an Archetypal Force Field. He is currently writing: Healing the Soul, Volume Three.

Course Fee

5 Modules of expert Homeopathic Tuition from a Master of Homeopathy


5 star rating

Principles of Homeopathy

Denise Hoffman

I absolutely LOVED this course. I spent hours listening while wandering through the woods where I live. Dr Lilley’s conversations were bringing to life the nature kingdoms for me. I feel an awe and appreciation for this knowledge and a desire for...

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I absolutely LOVED this course. I spent hours listening while wandering through the woods where I live. Dr Lilley’s conversations were bringing to life the nature kingdoms for me. I feel an awe and appreciation for this knowledge and a desire for more. Initially, as I’m not a mother, I was concerned this course wouldn’t find application for my life, but this was not to be the case whatsoever. His deeply caring Soul uncovered much to be considered for myself and my relationship with life. He is actually very witty as well so his storytelling helps to engage with the learning. I am waiting to purchase his third book on the Soul. I am not a practitioner of homeopathy but I have been working with one since 2017 and it has been life-changing. Thank you for providing this course! Denise Hoffman

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“David's awesome knowledge and teaching skill leaves me speechless and yet I leave with a deep sense of comfort, warmth and inspiration.”

“"It’s absolutely brilliant. I thought it would be hard without a video but actually it works very well, the voice and content is so clear and it gives the ability to listen anywhere."”

“I am already a better homeopath and physician as a result.”

“This man is critical for the enlightenment of all others that have an interest in homeopathy and chemistry and planetary issues. Brilliant.”

“Best teaching I have ever had.”

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